Buy Hip Hop Beats Online



The days of paying the top notch producer in the game thousands of dollars for one single instrumental are over.

Music artists are now looking for a more affordable way to buying beats.

Today’s music producers are taking their talents to the online beat selling game and it’s paying huge dividends.

No longer do music producers have to wait on royalties checks to come via mail when a beat is sold. Now when a beat is sold the producer will get paid right on the spot via Paypal or Stripe.

Buying hip hop beats online makes it really simple for the vocalist or rappers. There’s no chasing music producers for beats anymore.


Buy hip hop beats online


Where can I buy hip hop beats online?


There’s thousands of places online where music producers have top quality beats available.

In House Producers is a place online where music artists can purchase rap beats for sale straight from the player above.

It takes only 5 steps..

1. Listen to the beats

2. Choose the beats you want to purchase.

3. Add them to the checkout cart

4. Pay with Paypal or credit card

5. Download your purchase.

That’s it!

Do you see the difference from purchasing beats online to hunting for a music producer offline?

The game has changed and we all have to change with the times.

Most record companies don’t even give artist enough of a budget for beats. 

So, why not take take advantage of the low cost beats that online beatmakers offer to artists.

Rappers and vocalist can buy hip hop beats online at an average price of $20 for a non exclusive.

You don’t need a huge budget for beats when most of the beats are of low cost but high quality.

They also offer exclusive rights to the instrumentals.

This is a more professional license and more expensive, but it will help you in terms of recording your whole song in a studio .