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Are they worth it?

Quick tips for music artists:

I’ve seen a whole bunch of music artists online using tagged free beats.

There’s nothing wrong with using tagged free beats, but using them for an album or mixtape doesn’t look professional.

In the eyes and ears of a manager or a record label, using tagged free instrumentals will just hurt your branding.

Do you really think playing your tagged music to record labels and managers is the right thing to do?


Labels and A&R’s will actually ignore your music in a hurry.

Are you willing to lose you’re opportunity because you’re using beats that are tagged?

free beats

It’s hard to understand why rappers and vocalist do not like to spend $30 max for a beat.

Yes, It only take an artist $15 to $30 to purchase an instrumental that they can use for a single, album or mixtape.

That’s quite different from 5 to 10 years ago, when music production was expensive.

The top producers back then, charged between $5,000 to $20,000 for one instrumental track.

How times have changed!

Where To Download Free Beats

There’s thousands of websites online where you can download beats for cheap without spending thousands of dollars.

Most of the websites online allow music artists to download the tagged beats for free.

That way artists can write to the instrumental beats without purchase the beats at the moment.

Once the song is written, the artist can go back and buy the beat.

Also, if you’re going to use the free beats downloads with tags, make sure you contact the owner of the instrumental.

Ask the music producer to send you the license to use the tagged beats.

That way you have written permission to use the hip hop beat for promo use.

Most tagged beats are for promotional use only.

If you want to make money off the song using the watermarked beat, then you must buy the license.

Non-exclusive licenses in most cases start from $9 to as high as $50

That’s it!

You can pay as little as $9 per beat and create a song that gives you the right to sell the music on Itunes, Google play and even amazon.

Literally, rappers and vocalist are buying professional quality beats for cheap without using tagged free beats.

Are you going to take your music career serious and stop using watermarked beats?

Or are you just fine with looking really cheap and unprofessional?

You make the call!!


Frequently asked questions

Where can I get Free Beats?

You can download some free beats on most online beat shops. All they basically ask for is your email and in return you will get free beats with the license to use them.

Can I use Youtube beats for free?

You can usually download free beats on Youtube, but most of the time those beats are for non-profit use only. If you decide to download beats on Youtube make sure you don’t use them to make money from streams and sales.

Can I get sued for using Free beats?

Anytime you use somebody else’s music without permission you can get yourself in trouble. Make sure when you download beats online you have the required license to use the beat. Licenses can cost you anywhere from $10 to $200.

Do Free Beats have copywrite?

Yes! Most of them do. Be sure to keep that in mind when you’re downloading these free beats without a license agreement.


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