Beats To Rap To

Dope beats to rap to

Quick tips for rappers and vocalist

Are you still looking for beats to rap to or do you have your songs finished already?

If you’re ready to promote you latest single, mixtape or album, then check out the tips below.


beats to rap to


Did you know Social media is one of the best ways to get your music discovered?

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even Instagram are great social media platforms for every new music artists.

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars promoting a new artist via street team.

Also, gone are the days of shelling out thousands for beats to rap to.

Here’s my top 3 social media websites

  1. Facebook – Facebook is the cheapest way to get more eyes and ears to your latest project. Using video or Facebook live is the way to get more engagement on your product without spending tons of cash.
  2. Twitter – If you’re already on Twitter, then you know that Twitter if full of music industry execs, A&R’s , recording companies and rappers looking for beats to rap to.
  3. Youtube – Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world behind only google. Video is going to be a huge part of the success of your official song release. Engagement is the key in today’s music industry.

Focus on one of the three social media platforms above. Once you master promoting your music on Facebook, then get on Twitter and master that.

Once you finish with those, start promoting on Youtube then Instagram.



One thing you don’t want to do is open accounts on each of the four websites mentioned at the same time.

Managing 4 or 5 social media accounts at the same time can be very time consuming.

We as music artists want to focus on the more important aspect of our careers, instead of playing around with social media all day.

There’s tools and courses that can help you automate your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube music marketing plan.

See: Music Marketing Masters

In today’s digital music game, there’s no need to pay a whole bunch to market your music online or to buy beats to rap to.

Everyone can afford to promote, sell and buy beats online for cheap.

The onus is on you the music artist to take action. Don’t sit on the couch waiting for that magic formula to knock on your door.

Get up, move, start building relationships on social media.

Get your music to the masses.