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What are exclusive hip hop beats?

Exclusive hip hop beats for sale are one of the best ways to purchase beats online for rappers and vocalist.

Lease beats are great, but would you want to use the same beats as hundreds of other music artists?

This is where the power of purchasing exclusive beats comes in.

Once purchased the artist has the complete rights to use the beats for commercial release.

In addition, the instrumental purchased can’t be sold again to another recording artist.

It’s now a profit share on royalties within the recording artist and the music producer.

Are there any drawbacks from purchasing exclusive hip hop beats online?

Yes! Budget and Pricing

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Are Exclusive hip hop Beats Right For You?

Most recording artist online go for the lease beats to rap to, because they are cost effective.

Prices for lease beats range from $5 to $50

If you’re an artist with a low budget, this type of license will work for you. But, remember Lease beats can be use by multiple recording artist.

Don’t be surprised if you hear the same beat you purchase on another record.

On the other hand, Exclusive beat prices range from $100 to $2000

This type of license is usually sold to serious artists, record labels, TV shows, movies, games etc

They prefer paying extra dollars for full rights to use the beats exclusively. They don’t want no problems if the instrumental makes it big.

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For example: Michael purchases a lease of the beat called “Infamy”

He creates a hit with the song using the leased beat.

But, Michael has only a 1000 copies sold lease license. Mike can only sell 1000 downloads

Michael now needs the exclusive rights to the instrumental.

Michael contacts the producer. The exclusive rights to the beat was $1000 before Michael made his hit. (The producers knows it’s a hit)

The music producer is now asking for $5000 for exclusive rights?

is the producer right for this?


That’s exactly why the exclusive hip hop beats for sale license is way more powerful than the non – exclusive license.

Don’t get me wrong, If you don’t have the budget for exclusive beats, that’s ok.

Go ahead and purchase some non exclusive beats for cheap from the beat player above.

You can use them for your next project, mixtape or album.

License, contracts and downloads are included once purchased.

And, if you’re looking for some exclusive hip hop beats for sale contact me today or send me your offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Exclusive Hip Hop Beats?

Exclusive beats are beats that are sold to artists with an exclusive rights agreement. A music producer usually sells the exclusive rights for $300 to $5,000 on average. Once purchased, the buyer has full rights to use the instrumental for any commercial release.

What if I purchase a beat and it blows up?

Most independent recording artists purchase non exclusive instrumentals when starting out. If and when a song that you make with that beat blows up, I recommend you going back an ask about the price of the exclusive license and purchase it if you can.

Can a producer sell the same beat twice?

If you buy non exclusive rights to a beat the music producer can keep selling that beat over and over until the exclusive rights are purchased.

Can you profit off a beat with a non exclusive license?

Sure you can. The non exclusive license will give you the rights to use the beat for commercial release.


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