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Hip Hop Tracks For Sale – Tips For Music Artists

Are you using Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to promote your latest hip hop tracks and songs?

Social media has to play a huge part in how rappers and vocalists promote their products online today.

Gone are the days of getting advance money by signing with a record company.

Today’s music industry has shifted giving the power to the aspiring artists.

Do keep this in mind.. it’s now on the artists to build a foundation of fans online without basically no backing from record companies.

But, Can it Be Done?

Yes! It surely can be done, but it’s not going to be easy.

Do you have to put in work?


If you’re not willing to shell out some money to promote your hip hop tracks, then you will have a hard time generating any traction to your music.

Sometimes you have to invest in something that you believe in. 

The great thing about promoting your music on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter is you don’t need a huge budget to promote.

You can send thousands of fans to your music videos or hip hop tracks for only a few cents per view using Facebook and Twitter ads.

If you need some help to get your Facebook or Youtube marketing promotion going click here.

Don’t hesitate to put your career in your own hands.

Today is easier to get thousands of eyes and ears listening to your hip hop tracks and rap beats online.

hip hop tracks for sale

I see it everyday on Facebook, music artists marketing their own music online with their own budget and having much success.

Sometimes you have to get out your comfort zone if you want to succeed in the music industry.

Learn how to market and promote your song or hip hop tracks online and maybe you can charge other music artists a fee in the future.

The game has changed and we rappers, vocalist and producers can’t be left behind.

Good Luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where to buy hip hop tracks for sale?

Inhouseproducers.com is the #1 website online to get rap, hip hop, trap and pop beats online today. They have over 15 years in the music industry and have worked with artists like 50 Cent, Maino,Wu Tang Clan and more.

What is the price of a hip hop beat?

Pricing on beats online range form $15 for a non exclusive lease to up to $20,000 for an exclusive rights purchase. Today’s pricing is very affordable compared to 10 years ago.

Do I have the rights to use the hip hop instrumentals for any release?

Yes. All beats come with a downloadable non exclusive or exclusive contract that gives you access to use the beats for sales, streams, video content and performance rights.

Where do rappers get free beats from?

Rappers and singers can get free beats anywhere online. They can download free hip hop tracks on sites like Inhouseproducers.com, Youtube, Soundcloud and more. Be sure to have permission first before you decide to upload a song online using a free beat.

What can you create high quality beats with?

There’s plenty of music software online that you can use to create beats from the comfort of your home. You have FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools, Sonar, Cakewalk and many more. There is a learning curve to using these great tools. The goal here is to not get discouraged and keep working and learning every day.