Drake Type Beats


drake type beats


Why Drake type beats?

The purpose for creating drake type beats is to provide rappers and singers beats and instrumentals that resemble a vibe and sound that they may be looking for.

Drake type beats are also a popular type style instrumental due to the fact that Drake is one of the most popular recording artists in the world today.

In other words, Drake’s influence on music at this point is beyond amazing and many are influenced by his sound and achievements.

We here at In House Producers welcome the challenge of creating instrumentals that sound like many popular artists and also add a little touch of our sound to them.

What type beats do you make?

Type beats can be composed of many different style genres like boom bap beats, pop type beats, trap type beats, soul beats, drill beats and more.

And, if you’re looking for specific artists type beat you can target that as well. We here have all different style instrumentals from Drake type beats to New York type beats, 21 Savage and Future beats, beats with hooks and many more.

Just scroll on the player above and find the right beat that will fit your style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are type beats illegal?

Type beats are legal, but the producer has to make sure that they don’t copy the exact melodies and drum patterns of a song make by the popular artists. We here at In House Producers do not copy any melodies from any artists. 

How do rappers get their beats? 

There are many ways for rappers and singers to get beats for their projects. Today, recording artists can find beats and purchased them on online platforms like In House Producers, Airbit, Beatstars and more. Gone are the days of chasing done a producers and paying thousands for one single beat.

Do artists pay for beats?

Yes. In today music industry artists can buy beats for cheap online with cost starting at only $20 for a non exclusive agreement. Exclusive beats will be in the $250 to $5000 range.

Can I use a type beat?

Yes. You will have no problems if you purchase Drake type beats online. The beats will come with a license agreement which gives you permission to use the instrumental for profit use.