Type Beat



What Are Type Beats?

Type beats are beats that sound similar to beats used by certain big name artists.

If you’re an artist who has a similar style to Drake, Travis Scott or Future then those are the beats that you’re going to be searching for online.

This makes it easier for the artist to find their style of beats on Youtube and basically every beat shop online today.

They provide a starting point for the rapper or singer without wasting valuable time searching between thousands of beats online.

Why Do Producers Make Type Beats?

It’s easier for the music producer to sell beats utilizing the type beats keyword.

Targeting the right people is a huge way to get more eyes and ears listening to the beats made by the music producer.

Optimizing Youtube videos is another form of targeting the right artists who are looking for Drake beats, pop beats, trap beats and more.

type beat wayne

As you may know, J Cole went on Youtube and typed in on the search engine “J Cole Type Beats”. He found a beat that he liked,  he spit a few bars on the beat, then contacted the producer who created it. 

Awesome feeling for that young producer. 

All because he optimized his beat video for “J Cole type beat


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a type beat?

They are instrumentals that are based on specific artists. Whether is Drake, Lil Baby, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne there’s producers online that create lookalike beats that resemble some of theses artists. It makes it easy for the artists who is looking for a type beat.

What is the most popular type of beat?

Right now trap beats and dirty south beats are most popular. There’s also pop beats, hip hop beats, drill beats and afro beats that are making their way up the charts.

Can you sell beats online?

Yes, you can sell a song with any beat that you purchased online. Make sure that when you buy the beat online you receive an agreement with the rights to use the instrumental for profitable use.

Who makes the best beats?

There’s plenty of options to choose from for beats online. We recommend our website Inhouseproducers.com for the best beats with hooks, east coast beats, rap beats and also trap beats. There’s also websites like Beatstars, Airbit and also Soundgine where you can purchase great top quality beats online.