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    Type Beat Freestyle Rap


    drake type beats

    What is a Type Beat Freestyle Rap?

    Type beat freestyle rap is a beat that is geared toward freestyle rappers and hip hop rap battles.

    These type of hip hop instrumentals have been very popular since the hip hop music scene was created in the late 70s by Kool Herc.

    These beats allow artists to show their versatility and creativity by freestyling rhymes of the top off the head with no pen or paper.

    The beats are usually simple and to the point.

    Can You Make a Song Using Freestyle Rap Beats?


    Just because the beat type says freestyle rap beat doesn’t mean you can’t create a huge hit for your latest song.

    Most recording artists that I know usually freestyle rap anyway when brainstorming for their latest song or project.

    type beat freestyle rap

    They will just record their freestyle over the hip hop beats and get the ideas from there.

    This is also a great way to practice on your flow, delivery, timing and use different type of voices and refine your style.

    Once you have all those pieces ready, then you can start mastering your craft while feeding your brain cells at the same time. 

    This will make for better songs and give you the confidence to take on any instrumental thrown your way with ease. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What BPM is a Trap beat?

    Usually here at In House Producers we use a BPM of 120 to 140 for our trap beats, dubstep beats and also some of our afro beats.

    What are bars in a rap song?

    A bar is like a measure or a step in the music. Some rappers don’t know how to create songs using bars. A verse in a song usually is made up of 16 bars of verses then a 4 to 8  bar hook, then another 16 bars. 

    How do rappers get their instrumentals?

    Gone are the days of searching for beats from the local producer. Nowadays, you can purchase any style beat of your liking online. Platforms like In House Producers, Airbit, Youtube, Soundcloud and Beatstars have thousands of beats that artists can choose from. Prices for beats will range from $20 for non exclusive licenses to $5000 for exclusive licenses. 

    What if I lease a beat and it blows up?

    Lease agreements allow you to use the instrumental beat for profit use. If your songs blows up I recommend that you talk to the music producer about purchasing the exclusive rights to the beat. This way you won’t have any issues with the song in the future if someone else purchases the exclusive rights to the beat the you used.